Road Opener/Abre Camino Intentional Candle

Road Opener/Abre Camino Intentional Candle

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Have you been feeling stuck? Are you having difficulty with manifestations and making decisions that benefit you and those most important to you? If so this is the candle for you! Open your paths and clear your way of obstacles with this intentional and spiritually infused candle! Making room to achieve what you want be it in the field of love, finances, buying or renting your dream house, a job or even inspiration to execute and conquer tasks and ideas. 

Infused with Calendula used to promote a sunny and positive outlook on circumstance also excellent in dealing with court issues.

Lillies: used for protection, they can keep away unwanted visitors, spirits, negativity, and curses.

Tigers Eye: to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.

Clear Quartz: to amplify intentions 

Approx: 10oz 

Powerful Petitions Included! 

*Please note candles are hand poured, so please allow for slight variations in appearance. 

*At the end of burn, wash vessel with warm water and soap to dislodge your super charged crystals meant for you to keep! 



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