“No More Anxiety” Crystal Set

“No More Anxiety” Crystal Set

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We know anxiety is something we all struggle with so we took the time to put together this amazing anti anxiety kit perfect for school, work or just everyday life! 


Sm. Amethyst Tower- Protects against anxiety stress and fatigue.

 Rose quartz- Restores trust and harmony in relationships and promotes universal love.

 Fibrous Malachite- Absorbs negative energies, balances emotions and assists with   transformations as well as alleviates stress and anxiety.


LABRADORITE- Protects against negativity and misfortune, calms an overactive mind and also has the ability to hide in your own psychic powers


Smokey Quartz- A super powerful grounding crystal will alleviate stress protect against negativity and also make sure that you remember to keep your energy present


Selenite - Or as many like to refer to it “ liquid light” instantly brings forth energies of  tranquillity and removes stagnant energy


Plus our Sage and lavender smudge stick to invite calm and peaceful energies into your home!