New Year Blessings

New Year Blessings

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Invite peace, clarity, love, prosperity and abundance into your space with our New Year Blessings Smudge Kit!

This Kit contains everything you need to help you get in the vibe of welcoming the frequencies and energies you want in your home. 

WHITE SAGE & EUCALYPTUS- Can be used for protection from evil eyes and spirits, purification, healing, wisdom, and spiritual cleansing.

MUGWORT- For the energetic clearing and opening of spaces, blessed beginnings,enhanced spiritual visions and protection from negativity.

MOUNTAIN SAGE & PALO SANTO POWDER- Promotes new beginnings, serene environments and the dispelling of negative energy. 

Prosperity Smudge- To invite energies of monetary abundance.

Palo Santo- To invite positive energy, love, abundance, and calm emotions. 

Selenite-  Used to cleanse and charge other crystals and also helps in purifying the home, inviting energies of forgiveness, understanding and the removal of stagnant energy.