In Depth Tarot Reading

In Depth Tarot Reading

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We can all use a little guidance. Juju uses astrology, Spirit given guidance and her Spirit given abilities, to provide you with the transformative and intuitive knowledge 

that are her in depth readings. Bringing you 

inner guidance, clarity and wisdom to any situation! Juju's in depth readings focus strongly on where you are energetically, blockages you may be experiencing due to conscience or unknown toxic behaviors, karmic debt (past life occurrences that need to be healed and/or paid for energetically), possible current and future opportunities as well as disclosing areas you need to work on spiritually.

*Please be sure to add your full name (including middle), email and DOB in comment section to ensure personalized reading and avoid delays. You may also email this information to


Prior to midnight CST, within 3 business days of sending the necessary requested information, you will receive your in depth or one question reading via email. At which point you'll have the opportunity to ask 2 clarifying questions via email (clarifying questions are questions regarding your emailed reading. Not additional questions) PLEASE ALLOW 2 BUSINESS DAYS FOR CLARIFYING QUESTIONS RESPONSE.   

**BUSINESS days do not include weekends or holidays. 

*Please note, due to the nature of this service all sales are final