Good Juju Intentional Candle

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 From Mother Earth To You! Introducing our Good Juju Intentional Crystal Candle, a sacred blend of sage, palo santo, and selenite meticulously crafted to cleanse your space of negative energy and infuse it with uplifting vibes. With each flicker, this candle releases a symphony of purifying aromas, transforming your home into a sanctuary of serenity and clarity.

Sage and palo santo, revered for their cleansing properties, work in harmony to dispel negativity and restore balance to your environment. As the fragrant smoke dances through the air, it purifies your space, leaving behind a sense of renewal and peace. Meanwhile, selenite crystal radiates its gentle energy, promoting mental clarity and spiritual harmony.

Embrace the power of Good Juju as you light this candle, setting your intentions for a space filled with positivity and light. Let its soothing aroma envelop you, calming your mind and uplifting your spirits. Whether you're starting your day with a clear mind or winding down after a long day, our Good Juju Intentional Crystal Candle is here to elevate your space and infuse it with the blessings of good energy.

Hand Poured and Made with Love, Healing Herbs, Crystals and 100% All Natural Soy

Approx: 10oz

Powerful Petitions Included! 

*Please note candles are hand poured, so please allow for slight variations in appearance. 

*At the end of burn, wash vessel with warm water and soap to dislodge your super charged crystals meant for you to keep! 



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