Goddess Yoni Kit

Goddess Yoni Kit

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The rejuvenation your yoni has been waiting for!!! 

Heal your yoni with this ancient and proven steaming method. Bask in the healing steam of rosemary, mugwort, calendula, hibiscus, lavender,  Moroccan rose petals, and 6 other carefully selected healing herbs to create the ultimate Goddess blend!  Use before or after your menstrual cycle to assist with painful and heavy periods. Use in between periods to clear your uterine lining and prepare your womb for what it was Intended.. To hold and nourish new life. Also assists in ridding the yoni of unwanted and negative energy from previous partners.*Good for up to 2 steams approx. 4oz. 

Our Bella Yoni Feminine Wash will assist to eliminate odor, kill bacteria, and naturally balance your PH level While leaving you feeling minty fresh and squeaky clean. Made with all natural and organic ingredients.

Bella Yoni Oil will soothe your yoni after waxing/shaving, will keep her baby bottom soft and smelling fresh throughout your busy day and can also be used as a natural lubricant during your intimate moments.

And lastly our Bella Yoni MistNatural and gentle spray to keep your yoni fresh, well balanced and vibing high with no chemicals or harsh ingredients. Can be used prior to or after intimacy, to freshen up during a bathroom break, after a shower or even after a trip to the gym!


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