Bella Poussée Yoni Bar

Bella Poussée Yoni Bar

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We used all of the ingredients in our Bella Yoni Wash as well as our high vibing essential oil blend to bring you the ultimate in womb care! Our Bella Pousseée Yoni Bar is perfect for the viber experiencing anything less than a high vibing yoni. Our handmade bar will assist with vaginal dryness and tightening, eliminates odor and odor causing bacteria as well as the ability to increase libido while preventing infections such as BV, Yeast infections, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and more! 

Your yoni won’t need another soap bar. EVER! 


These statements have not been approved by the FDA and are not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. If pregnant or trying to become pregnant please consult your medical professionals al prior to use. ALWAYS PATCH TEST PRIOR TO USE. DO NOT GET DIRECTLY INSIDE VAGINA. WASH OUTTER AREA AND RINSE WELL WITH WARM WATER. IF IRRITATION OCCURS DISCONTINUE USE AND CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY. 

If pregnant or trying to become pregnant, please consult with your OBGYN before use. Do not get directly inside of your Vagina, wash around and rinse well. Please always do a test patch to ensure no allergies exist to this product.

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