AstralProjection Herbal Milk Bath

AstralProjection Herbal Milk Bath

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For relaxation that’ll feel like an outer body experience! Perfect for anyone looking to add healing properties to their bath time! May additionally assist with nourishing and evening skin tone, combating and preventing body acne or breakouts, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide all around alignment for our largest organ. Pair it with anyone or out smudge stix or kits for the ultimate out of this world experience! Just add a few spoonfuls to a muslin bag, allow to step for 5 minutes, add your favorite flowers and enjoy! 

Contains Moroccan rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Vegan Milk Powder, Oatmeal, Essential oil blend, & Vitamin E

*Muslin bag to prevent clogging INCLUDED!! Plus bonus relaxation crystal! 

** Flower Stems not included. Item is shown in liquid form will arrive dried.