“Aligned Ride” Crystal Set

“Aligned Ride” Crystal Set

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We protect our home, our work space and ourselves but what about our cars?!

This Crystal set is perfect for the everyday driver, passenger or traveler! Carry this crystal set to promote a harmonious, smooth and protected ride. 


Selenite- WIll absorb the negative energy of others as well as remove stagnant energy while cleansing your other crystals.

Howlite- Stimulates the crown chakra keeping you alert and focused during your ride.

Blue Calcite- Gently calms and soothes the nerves especially during traffic jams!

Shungite- Super grounding and protective, is said to soothe tired eyes and protect from EMF.

Amethyst- Removes stress and anxiety while promoting a peaceful environment. Perfect Crystal to carry in stressful situations!